Microsoft To Launch Office 2010 For India In June

Microsoft will be launching for individuals and businesses in Indian markets in June 2010. The release date for the Office 2010 suite in India is similar to the worldwide launch of Office 2010, which is somewhere around the second week of June.

Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Corp’s India Chairman Ravi Venkatesan told reporters:

The Office 2010 will be available for both businesses and consumers in June.

This is in stark contrast to the delay of in India, due to budgetary and other considerations. Most likely Indian users will be able to buy a copy of Office 2010 through retail stores, however, if you are planning to purchase a copy of Office 2010 online through downloads, you may have to pay an additional service tax of 10.3%.

Users can currently download a beta version of Office 2010, however, the version is set to expire in October 2010, after which people will have to purchase a license from Microsoft.

If you have purchased a copy of Office 2007, you will get a free upgrade to Office 2010 too. Pricing details for Office 2010 in India has not been revealed yet, however, you can see the Office 2010 pricing for US right now.

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