Kerala IT Firms Mark Nordic Countries For Future Growth

While most IT professionals and companies are busy with building links and ties with US based clients for growth and future business, the small and medium IT enterprises in Kerala are however taking a different route altogether. The Group of Technology Companies (GTECH) in Kerala has identified the 4 Nordic countries – Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland as markets for future business where potential growth of the IT companies from Kerala is possible.

The US and the UK still are the current targets for the Kerala IT industry, however due to the gradual economic slowdown in these countries there is a possibility of a cut on the IT spendings of companies located there. This makes the need to look at newer markets even greater.

So Why  The Nordic Countries?

These countries viz. Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland  face demographic challenge and cost pressures to sustain their economic growth which is in turn dependent on cutting edge technology and innovation as with any sector located in any country in this world. The Kerala IT industry could play a critical role in sustaining the competitiveness of these economies by offering cost effective and quality solutions in the  emerging sectors like clean technology, health and life sciences.

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