Karnataka Government Uses Google Analytics From Different Site

This has to be a height of laziness. Couple of websites owned by the Karnataka Government, including Karnataka.gov.in and Karunadu.gov.in have been using Google Analytics tracking code which was originally created by a third party site.

The developers behind Karnataka Government site were lazy enough to copy the Google Analytics code from SEO Consultants along with some CSS code which was part of a tutorial on the site, this goes to show how serious the Government of Karnataka is about their online presence.

Karanataka Government Google Analytics

Karnataka Government Detailed Google Analytics

According to the blog post, the site in question started receiving lots of hits, and further verification showed that the hits were coming from the site run by Government of Karnataka.

Now, there are several problems here. First of all, the Karnataka Government is sharing all their visitor information with someone else. Secondly, the developers are so ignorant that they did not care to check what code they were copying into the site. So how can you trust the people behind this?

And another glaring fact that the post in question bought out was that this is happening since the past 45 days, and the author of the post tried to contact the Government of Karnataka several times, however, all he received were canned responses, so do they really care?

I am pretty sure that the developers are clueless about this, and they would not care as to what they put up on the website. Thank God, that they did not decide to copy content from a malware website.

I am a very big evangelist for Governments using the online channel to showcase information and interacting with people. However, such irresponsibility goes on to show how much they care about adopting to the new methods that make communication easier. What do you think?

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