JantaKhoj – India’s First “People Search Engine”

After the Google revolution, we have seen many desi search engines coming up from time to time. Well here is a search engine with a difference. Titled as JantaKhoj, this search website is a people search engine for India which manually collects data from different publiclyavailable sources. This data is then compiled and put together on the web to make it easily search-able.

The main sources of data are records of various govt. departments (which the company chooses not to disclose). The website has data of over 50 million Indians on their records which include address, phone number and information about relatives and neighbors.

The company mainly provides background verification services such as matrimonial verification, domestic help verification driver verification, tenant verification and employee background verification services. The services are charged between Rs.1475 and Rs.2225 per verification service.

You can visit the website and search for your name too. In case you want your data to be removed from the website, you can see this page.

via Pi.In

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