Internet Usage In India: 3.5 Hours Per Week

The International and Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) has released the reports of a study which was conducted recently by them. The study has some very interesting facts about the behavior of Internet users in India. Here is a summary of the findings from the report.

  • Indian internet users use the internet for 3.5 hours a week on an average. This means every Indian uses the Internet for an average of 26 minutes a day.
  • Indian women spend lesser time ~25 minutes, online as compared to men during weekdays and the time spent online on weekends is lower for both men ~22 minutes and women ~23 minutes.
  • Activity of Indians on social networking sites increases gradually through the week and reaches the peak on Fridays. This overall increase from monday to friday was found to be over 12 per cent.
  • Bank websites are accessed more during the weekdays. However users tend to spend a longer time on the Bank websites during weekends.

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