Instant Search Goes Live For Google India

Almost a month ago Google released the Instant search feature on its homepage. Google Instant allows you to search for thingswithout having to refresh the page and also allows users to autocomplete the queries using a tab button. This will allow you to search without having to use the search button.

Initially Google Instant was not available in many countries including India. But Google has now finally started rolling out Google Instant in India (via and the roll-out is expected to complete all over India by the end of this week.

According to Ben Gomes – a distinguished engineer at Google clarified that in India and many other countries where broadband or fast internet connectivity has less penetration compared to US, Google will examine the speed of the connection and turn off the Instant feature automatically when needed. It will again be turned on automatically when the speed increases again. You can also read more about our Google Instant Search coverage.

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