Indian Rupee Symbol To Be Decided Today

After years of missing a unique identity, today India will get a unique symbol to represent Rupees or Rs as we have called them for so long. For those who are not in the know, India will finally get a symbol for our currency which is similar to a $, £ or €.

Indian Rupees Symbol Shortlisted

Right now, there are five symbols which have been shortlisted from several which were submitted for the purpose and only one of them can be chose to be the official symbol of the Indian currency.

According to NDTV, the Union Cabinet is expected to clear the design by Thursday and it will be a Hindi letter Ra with two lines in it.

So which of these symbols is your favorite and which one would you choose to become the official symbol of the Indian currency across the world?

Image via NDTV

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  • Alphin X Kundukulam

    This should have been published Earlier.

  • Neha Verma


    I think the symbol for the our Indian Currency chosen by Union Cabinet could be a right choice. Since India is a multi cultural land but our mother tongue is Hindi so I'll like to go with the Hindi symbol.

  • The number 4 looks good.

  • So long as Gandhiji continues to grace our notes, we will be reminded of the struggle and peaceful roots of our nation. The symbol is a nice convenience to have and will definitely increase pride amongst our capitalists, but Gandhiji's presence is our number 1 source of pride in our currency.

  • 1 to 5 design for indian rupee published above are not as per the terms and conditions published by the government, when the design for indian rupee was asked. i also submit 2 design in the same compitition. I dont understand why those were ignored.

    • Era Sumant

      People need to be aware of the terms and conditions.. Could you please post the link where these can be accessed?

  • No. 5 is looking very smart symbol for Rs.

  • ravikant arya

    hi Keith

    all 5 of them looks they follow the same concept, no big diffrences.

    ( letter r or hindi r,

    two horizentle line cutting it )

    it it neccessory to take letter becouse of only rupees start with R ?

    bt any way

    i also like the 4th one :-)

  • terrasquid

    actually jury people were really stupid and useless that they just approved few stupid designs just because they would have been presented nicely and they are from some big agencies. They are fucking design blind. They no nothing. This is how design works in india. Its been governed by people who dont no a shit about it……… such a waste of my designs and 500 Rs.

  • RTI Activist exposed : Mismanagement and violation of guidelines in “Indian Rupee Symbol” design competition

    According to RTI Documents :

    1. No records are available with Finance Ministry which could indicated, how many total design entries Finance Ministry had received ?

    2. Non-eligible candidate was shortlisted in top five finalists.

    3. One finalist was in contact with Finance Ministry and RBI prior to competition.

    4. Design concept or brief was not put in front of jury along with Indian Rupee symbol design.

    5. No marks or grades were allotted to selected (2644) candidates design entries, in the process of shortlisting top five finalist design entries.

    6. Jury had spends less than 20 seconds on each design entries to analyze it.

    7. One jury member from Ministry of Culture was absent on the day of final presentation.

    8. Three jury member were absent in two days long meeting dated 29th Sept. and 30th Sept. 2009

    9. All seven jury member had never meet in this whole selection process.

    Hindustan Times Hindi- Lucknow 18 March

    Hindustan Times Hindi- Lucknow 19 March

  • Designs 2, 4, and 5 are all variants of an identical typographic concept. I can only hope the Union Cabinet realizes they are specifying a symbol and not a logo, and avoids the mistake of being too tight with the specification. We went through that when the euro symbol was introduced.

  • rahul

    …Juliet….thou art so young…..can you be wrong….

    art may debate the better symbol…..

    politics may choose the best one…..

    for some, pride it may become ….

    square meal in the stomach, … See More

    bought by "Rs", or "…..", makes difference not much

    to masses who dwell not in art nor politics and pride….

    pride for whom is an honest square meal….


    "What's in a symbol ? That which we know as "Rs"

    By any other symbol would work the same

  • There is a lot of controversy going on about the 5 Indian Rupee Symbols that have been shortlisted. I personally don't like them. I'm sharing the one I had designed and which got through the first round but was later not taken up. Would be great to get your feedback on it.

    Here is the link to the symbol I designed:

  • satish bhandula

    i like very much the new indian currency symbol