Indian Rupee Symbol Decided, Designed by IIT Student

Last month the Union Cabinet had sat down to choose a symbol for the Indian Rupee out of 5 shortlisted candidates. The decision was expected soon, but it has take well over 2 weeks  to finally choose the Indian Rupee Symbol.


The Indian Rupee Symbol was supposed to be chosen from one of the 5 shortlisted candidates in the picture above. However, according to reports from Indian Express IIT Post Graduate student D Udaya Kumar’s symbol was recommended by the cabinet as the Indian Rupee symbol.


The symbol created by Kumar is an amalgam of the Devanagari Ra’ and the Roman capital R’ without the stem, which is what the Finance minister was looking for. What I found funny though is that the selected Indian Rupee Symbol does not even seem to be in the shortlisted candidates. So where did this new symbol come from?

Was it added later on, or did the Union cabinet look at discuss more than 5 candidates for the Indian Rupee Symbol? This is a mystery I am trying to solve currently. If you have an answer, feel free to let me know about it.

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  • maitoa

    The shortlisted 5 reflect Sonia Gandhi's

    conspiracy to introduce the cross and

    crescent by stealth. Because of massive

    protests the tactic was aborted and

    another symbol selected. But even the new symbol was tweaked to embed the

    cross and crescent. In the process it

    fortunately became OM reflecting true

    ethos of our ancient civilization.

  • Krt

    It is unfortunate that India is always represented with Hindi everywhere. Why not be broadminded enough to position India as a multilingual country and give due credit to other Indian languages also?

    It is sad and disappointing to know that the Government is determined not to popularize even a single letter from other Indian Languages.

  • Santhanam

    There is no logic in the approved Logo. The symbol has neither appealing sense nor extraordinary look. The circumstances under which the symbol which was not in the approved short list has been finalised is fishy. Something we are unable to guess as well as express might have taken place.

  • Y Ramesh

    some what better but it needs a more general symbol which is a combination of present languages and needs to expose our indian tradition. Any way it strengthen the indian economic system.

  • Tejas

    Who ever suggested to consider Uday's ruppee symbol, it is fine. As long as the symbol we have suits the business on globally. And i think the symbol currently cabinet has decided is good one.. cheers!

  • Ali Khan

    RTI Activists had already “Exposed Violation of Guidelines in “Indian Rupee Symbol” Design Competition.”

    Even the winner symbol violated the guidelines …

    RTI (Right To Information) had already exposed that he is Non-eligible candidate for Indian Rupee Symbol Design Competition as he had violated the Indian Rupee Symbol Design competition guidelines .

    According to guidelines one candidate could send maximum two design entries but he had submitted a total of four designs.

    Second violation of guideline is the symbol itself, as it’s not applicable to standard keyboard or Unicode enable.

    Violations are not stopping here according to information and broadcasting minister Ambika Soni “The new rupee symbol partially resembles the Devanagri ‘Ra’ and Roman capital ‘R’ without the stem coupled with two parallel lines – in line with Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee’s vision for a symbol which reflects and captures Indian ethos and culture.”

    But using roman script/English alphabet in designing the New Indian rupee symbol is also a violation of guideline according to the guideline “The symbol had to be in the Indian National Language Script”.

    But according to National language Script English is not included in that list till this date.

    All the above facts clearly show that his candidacy for the Indian rupee symbol competition has violated the guidelines which can be found

    Why did Finance Ministry put the guidelines in the first place when they would not follow it themselves or probably they were created only to be broken?

    This clearly showcases the biased attitude towards rest of the 3000 + contestants who had participated in the Indian Rupee Symbol Design Competition.

    About symbol “reflects and captures Indian ethos and culture”.

    On the final day of presentation of top five finalists one jury member from the ministry of culture was not present. It is also known that she had been irresponsible skipped two, meetings previously in same regard.

    Yesterday “Thestateman ” had reported the political connection of winner of Indian rupee symbol designer…

    Rupee symbol maker has DMK background

    I don’t have any bad feeling for the winner but its a political scam and Indian design talent hit by corrupt politics…

    Media for the first time in the history of India has gone into a mysterious silence over the fraud played by the organisers of symbol for rupee competition .
    In the past the same media specially electronic media has entered the bedrooms of the people to expose them and bring infront of the world and played the news 24×7 and this time when the things are crystal clear before them they have gone into the shell.

  • kmk

    This symbol is not at all satisfying , India is a multilingual country and here the letter in hindi used for symbol also doesn’t have any special meaning behind it. Totally an absurd symbol, just to give importance to Hindi language they made that symbol.

  • chand

    on which day and date the symbol was discovered