Indian Rupee Currency Symbol Makes History

If you have been following the news channels and news papers from today and yesterday, you might have learnt of the news that the Indian Rupee Symbol has finally been decided and India has made history to become one of the select few countries to have a symbol for their currency.

Indian Rupee Currency Symbol

Yesterday, I wrote about the Indian currency symbol created by Udaya Kumar which was chosen by the Union Cabinet and also some Indian Currency Symbol Wallpapers, however, one thing that baffled me was that the Indian currency which was chosen was not in the original list of shortlisted rupee symbols.

Another problem with the new Indian Rupee Currency Symbol is that it would be hard to write the symbol down using natural keyboard as there is no Hindi word and this Indian Rupee Symbol was a amalgam of Devanagari “Ra” and Roman capital “R” without the stem.

Once the chosen Indian Rupee Symbol is ratified by the Cabinet and other members, the new Rupee currency notes will start sporting this symbol  (see update below), this does not mean that the old Rupee currency notes will be invalid. Also it would take sometime and efforts to get this Rupee currency symbol to become usable on computers, other than using an image, so there is still lot of work remaining for the government to do before you can type the symbol.

Nevertheless, this is a really proud moment for Indians since the Rupee Symbol will be flaunted across the world and not just the text Rs. What do you think of the new Indian Rupee Symbol, do you like it? Do you hate it? Do let me know about your thoughts.

Update: The Indian Rupee Symbol will not appear on the currency notes as per one of our commentators, the post has been updated to reflect that.

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  • US Sharma

    sir it is suggested that logo of indian currency should be first letter of hindi rupee..that is as good as present logo with only the difference of (chhote ou ki matra) instead of centre line…advantage is that every indian is habitual of writing that so it will be immediately circulated..

  • rajesh

    The symbol of new india rupee is very much acceptable.

    The symbol choosed is one of the best and which having reflection of geek , hindi, engligh and more historic meaning.

    second the symbol can write with one pick up of pen. It is so easy to write than YEN, EURO etc.

  • Vijay

    I didn't like it. It doesn't look as good as one would have liked.

    Also, the parallel bars (symbol of currency) makes it look very similar to Euro and Pound symbols.

    Note: It will not be displayed in the currency notes, at least for now. So all existing notes will be valid.

  • Jayan

    There are couple of corrections. First it's mentioned that the symbol will appear in Indian currency notes. The Union Cabinet has clearly mentioned that the symbol WON"T appear in the notes (and there is no question of currently circulated currencies becoming useless papers). Only British Pound has the symbol printed on the currency. Other countries/economic unions that use currency symbol including United States, Japan and EU do not print the symbol. Please correct the above piece as this would ill educate people, especially when they are curious about any related news

    • @Jayan – Thanks the post has been updated to reflect the same.

  • Sarbjit Kaler

    I like the new rupee symbol. I think it is so nice that we can get away from english and use our own language symbol. Who ever idea it was we are so proud of you, god bless you!!! i was born in India, and I am a nurse in canada…


    Good job done UDAY!Atleast one word will be written in hindi in our daily life.


    Hey Uday…..good job buddy…the symbol is very much INDIAN…..& i really wish that the govt. gives the permisson to publish it on the currency notes

  • sachin

    ye solid banaya hai tune. muze tomast laga


    Uday ,I like the symbol which acceptable for INDIAN currency
    and which made by you , fir country of our self,it is very
    fentabules because your symble make history in world cu-
    rrency b’coz world can immitate to indian’s language.

  • shweta

    It is good for us. this symbol gave a new identity of rs. in this world. i thank D Udaya kumar.

  • akshada

    Namaste Uday Sir…
    Sir I would like to know that why do you choose this symbol as an Indian currency ? what does it really mean?

  • sandeep

    it’s a real proud that Indian currency finally got some symbol.

  • sandeep

    the symbol given do represent INDIA.

  • Anjali`

    Good Job Uday, i hope the government could accept and let to publish the symbol on Indian Currency note…

  • peter pradeep

    u r great…………

  • ricky

    why the symbol of rupees is cut from the middle ???