N.F. Indian Railways Email System Hacked By PCA

India and Pakistan have never been good at relationships either offline and online and this has been apparent with the Indian hackers hacking Pakistani websites and the Pakistani Cyber Army (PCA), as they call themselves hacking several high profile websites like the CBI website and more.

However, it looks like things had calmed down as the PCA offered a Ceasefire on hacking Indian websites. However, it looks like that the war is on again. Some Indian hackers hacked the Pakistani Air Force Backup server and several other servers on the same network and in retaliation the Pakistani Cyber Army has hacked the email system for the Indian Railways.

Indian Railways Email Hacked

In a Press Release sent to us by the PCA from an email address [email protected], which is an email address for the Indian Railway system. In addition to that, they also send us screenshots of the administration panel of Indian Railways email and a screenshot displaying a welcome message for the new email they created (click to enlarge).

Indian Railways Email Admin Panel Hacked

Indian Railways Email Welcome Message

In their message to us the PCA said that they have extracted email addresses and passwords for the Indian Railways and also downloaded confidential emails that existed in the system, however, they did not delete any messages from the servers. The email system they hacked seemed to be the N.F Railways which is also known as the Northeast Frontier Railways.

However, it does not look like any of the Indian Railways servers were compromised at all because the N.F. Railways uses a service called Atmail as their mail solution and it looks like the PCA discovered vulnerabilities in it and exploited them. We have contacted Atmail for more insights into this and as to how they are going to tackle this.

Such kind of things are really not acceptable, however, it does go to show that people can take national enmity to any level including the internet. You can read the entire message sent to us by the PCA below.

Dear All, Answer to Indian hackers for hacking the server of Pakistan Air Force

We are Pakistan Cyber Army (Real PCA is Reality). Many times we told Indian hackers out there from various groups that don’t mess with any Pakistani site or server especially systems from government organizations. We observe another attack on 22nd April 2011 at Pakistan Air Force Server backup server and other 8 machines on the same network. We would like to tell you that Pakistan Cyber Army is looking at each and every move you do on the cyber front of Pakistan. Indian hackers were unable to do anything accept taking screenshot of the server. We told you before that we will smoke your door off but we think you more like to be burned in fire then accept some. Go read some course books else you will lose both your name and this game.

We hacked Indian railway’s email system and download all of the confidential emails as well as email addresses and their passwords. Next time we will attack your more sensitive areas where it will hurt you more. We did not delete anything on the mail system although we thought about it for a while but we are not out to destroy. Never under estimate capabilities of Pakistan and the sons of the land. Your Central bureau of investigation still looking for our clues keep on Looking CBI and use all of your investigation Agencies, keep on searching us in USA, Latvia, China, India and all of the countries listed on the MAP. We are for peace as long as no offensive attacks from your side. We are Nationalist and we are on our mission and that is the retaliation. We can’t stop Indian hackers to hack servers on our side but we can give you the best of answers possible. Your National Informatics Centre team is useless you guys can’t stop us.

We don’t accept your supremacy in Information Technology as well as in any other field. We have the minds to answer your every move. We are for Pakistan and Pakistan Cyber Army Knows its responsibility and we will never shatter the hopes of our Pakistanis. We are sleeping but not dead.

Pakistan Zindabad

Pakistan Cyber Army (Real PCA is Reality) Peace

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