Indian Post Office Is Now On Twitter

Call it a social networking bug or the larger move to be more accessible to people who rely on them, but I find it really interesting that an organization is taking an initiative to be available and ready for answers on a social networking platform like .

When I saw a tweet from Shashi Tharoor, an ex-minister in the current Indian government congratulating the Post Office of India on being on Twitter, my light bulbs quickly lit up, this was clearly a new breakthrough for me at-least, considering how hidden and greasy Indian government agencies work.

I am really thrilled to see an entire Government organization take on a social networking outlook and look forward to more and more interactions with local as well as the country’s Government to tackle issues on a real-time basis.

However, I would also like this initiative to last a long time and see dedicated resources to take the internet channel to address problems that are being faced. Kudos to the Indian Post Office, and you can follow them @PostOfficeIndia

For the record, I did pay Rs. 50 as a gratuity to my postman for delivering my passport, but otherwise have never done it, however, they do know what you want and can act accordingly :-P.

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