Indian Businesses Are The Highest Users Of Web 2.0: Survey

A global survey was conducted by a research firm Vanson Bourne and US-based Purdue University’s CERIAS research group covering 17 developed and emerging nations. It was found in this survey that these 17 developed and emerging countries are the ones who use Web 2.0 the most for businesses. Even a better finding was that India is at the top of these 17   nations where Web 2.0 is used by businesses.

According to a McAfee director, Mr. Ambarish Deshpande in India, market pressure is a big driver for firms to adopt web 2.0 in their businesses. Around 78 per cent of McAfee’s respondents from India cited interaction with customers and partners as the primary reason for adoption of Web 2.0. However, incremental benefits at low costs is also another reason that has lead 75 per cent of Indian firms to use web 2.0.

Other reasons for taking to these web 2.0 services such as Twitter , YouTube and Facebook include ease in performing IT functions, public relations, sales, marketing and customer service. It was also found that businesses in emerging economies like India and Brazil lead when it comes to adoption of web 2.0, while those in the US, UK, Australia and Canada are not so active on web 2.0.

via The Economic Times

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