HCL Beanstalk is Back With a Bang, Launches New Ranges in India

Do you still remember the much advertised HCL Beanstalk desktop range? Surprisingly it just vanished into thin air a few years ago and was not heard of for long. The good news is, it is back now. HCL India has announced a new range of products out of its Beanstalk powerhouse to cater to the growing demand for better equipped and powerful desktops.

The Executive Vice-President George Paul was quoted saying,

With power-packed features and advanced technologies, the all new range will offer convenience of productivity, connectivity and new entertainment experience.

The return of Beanstalk is a significant step towards expanding our leadership positioning in the high-end desktop space.

He has laid out the pricing for the desktop range to be  between Rs.39,990 to Rs.85,000.

The desktop comes in three variants, the Beanstalk Xtreme,  Beanstalk Classic and Beanstalk Ultima. They feature core-i7 processors and come with Windows 7. This puts them on the cutting edge of technology. The Beanstalk debuted way back in 1995 and it is good to have it back with better features.

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