Executives of Guruji.com Arrested For Alleged Music Piracy

Several Guruji.com executives, including founding CEO Anurag Dod, have been arrested for alleged copyright infringement. The police action was triggered by a FIR (First Information Report) lodged by T-Series (Super Cassettes Industries Ltd).

Guriji.com is India’s first crawler based search engine. It was started by two IIT-Delhi graduates and has raised capital from Sequoia and Sandstone Capital. Although, it covers several verticals including Music, City, Movie Timings and Cricket, its focus is clearly on Music. The search engine’s home page brandishes a list of Top Songs as well as Top Albums. Although, Guruji.com doesn’t host any illegal content, it aggregates and serves content provided by music piracy websites like songs.pk, musicplug.in, and bollymobile.in.

Speaking on the arrest, T-Series VP digital content Neeraj Kalyan said, Guruji.com was infringing our copyright under the garb of a search engine. The website was working in nexus with some music pirate websites and was exploiting our content.


Guruji.com clearly encourages its users to violate music copyrights. In fact, one can even argue that music download is one of its biggest draws. However, is Guriji.com breaking the law or is it simply exploiting a legal loophole? Does its disclaimer, “Guruji.com indexes third party websites and does not have control over, nor any liability for the content of such third party websites”, hold any legal merit? I have little expertise when it comes to laws that govern our country, so I am not in a position to say. Drop in a word if you have more to say on this developing story.

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  • Hi,

    It is ironical that you the above story on guruji talks about copyright infringement and your site has itself involved in one! Here i am refering to the quote from Neeraj Kalyan that you lifted from my story on radioandmusic.com. Did you bother to credit the journalist or the website before lifting the quote? NOPES. this talks enough about the law of the land!

    Cheers, Anita

    • I did credit your website – I included a linkback just before beginning the quote. I don't know how you missed that.
      If your site is tuned to receive pingbacks, it should have received one yesterday.

  • I dont think Guruji just lists the links to pirated sites and can get away with that. I saw one of their banner ads which had a few new released film names and saying that these songs can be downloaded free from Guruji. That was an image ad so that should not be said to be auto generated. I am not sure bout the law here, but they are definitely listing pirated songs intentionally and manually.

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  • It sounds like Guruji is clearly guilty of copyright infringement, but I wouldn't be surprised if they have some kind of legal loophole. They obviously knew what they were doing and encouraged the copyright infringement. There should be laws against pushing website visitors to break copyrights.

  • This is preposterous. Guruji has not sold music directly. Their search results show content from other sites just like in Google. Instead of catching the real culprits, its easy way out to punish a Search Engine

  • It is left to see how the safe harbor principle is applied here by the Indian court. ISPs, Webhosts and Auction sites use this on their defense.

  • HaHaKaar

    Tit for Tat – People are now doing to T-Series what T-Series used to do in its initial days.