Plans To Teach Science & Maths To Students Via Cricket!

Once in a while comes a revolutionary start-up that creates engaging products for users and changes lives of many for ever. One such start-up based out of India is Edustrokes. Most of the Indians, right from birth are die hard cricket fans. Children even stop studying in order to catch a live cricket match on the Television. And this is what Edustrokes has made into a platform for educating students on Maths and science. is founded by India’s leading cricketer and former Captain Kris Srikanth. While launching the website, he said that any Indian student will understand his/her subject better if it is taught through cricket – the language India understands best! He also gave an example during the launch:

Don’t you think if I say acceleration is nothing but a bowler’s final speed (V) — his initial speed (U) divided by the time he has taken to run between the two points (T) — a IX standard boy would understand the concept better”

Currently has three courses for students right from class IV class X. Each course has been divided into 30 modules of maths and science. The content of the modules are updated according to latest curriculum and have relevant sessions, homework and assignments. The website also has provision for an interactive audio-visual session.

Along with, Kris Srikanth also launched another website called which is dedicated to cricket coaching online. The course here has 30 modules covering batting, bowling, fielding and fitness and training. Online face-to-face coaching is also available from Srikkanth himself and several other National Cricket Academy-certified coaches.

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