Indian Rupee Symbol Wallpapers

The Indian Rupee Symbol which was decided yesterday has been liked by many and disliked by many. However, it now gives Indian currency an official way to be represented just like dollars and the pound. Many people have liked the new symbol, whereas several have disliked it too.


If you are someone who has like the new Indian Rupee Symbol, you can now decorate your desktop with some cool wallpapers which make use of the Indian Rupee Symbol. The Indian Rupee symbol is made up of the Devanagari "Ra" and Roman capital "R" without the stem.

india_rupee_symbol_wallpaper1 indian_rupee_symbol_wallpaper2

Here are some cool looking Indian Rupee Symbol which you can download and set as your desktop background. To download these Indian Rupee Symbol Wallpapers, visit this link and right click on the images and save it to your PC.


17 thoughts on “Indian Rupee Symbol Wallpapers”

  1. Non-eligible Candidate Won Indian Rupee Symbol Design Competition –

    RTI Activist exposed : Mismanagement and violation of guidelines in “Indian Rupee Symbol” design competition.

    According to RTI Documents :

    1.Non-eligible candidate was shortlisted in top five finalists. As candidate had submitted four designs.
    2.One finalist was in contact with Finance Ministry and RBI prior to competition.
    3.Design concept or brief was not put in front of jury along with Indian Rupee symbol design.
    4.No marks or grades were allotted to selected (2644) candidates design entries, in the process of shortlisting top five finalist design entries.
    5.Jury had spends less than 20 seconds on each design entries to analyze it .
    6.Three jury member were absent in two days long meeting dated 29th Sept. and 30th Sept. 2009.
    7.One jury member from Ministry of Culture was absent on the day of final presentation.
    8.All seven jury member had never meet in this whole selection process in any given time.
    9.No records are available with Finance Ministry which could indicated, how many total design entries Finance Ministry had received ?
    10.Advertisement was only published in English language.

  2. congratulation ,
    it's proud to be having symbol for our money
    now we can be said to be distinct from other countries using rupee for their money.

  3. now gudlines can stop the indian symbol to be being not acceptd
    if the work of the man coomendable then it does not have any border to stop

  4. it's our new symbol new indian rupee symbol now we can draw like dollar , pound etc. well done ! good exellent outstanding…………………………….. etc.

  5. It is good for us that our Indian National Rupee got its symbol
    now like other money symbols we will use our own symbol.

  6. It is good for us that our Indian National Rupee got its symbol
    now like other money symbols we will use our own symbol.

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