Download Epic Browser Created By Indians For Indians

There are tons of Internet Browsers available including Internet Explorer, , Firefox, and Safari, however, the Epic Browser is a bit different in the sense that it has been created specifically with Indians in mind.


A Bangalore based startup called Hidden Reflex has made available a browser called as the "Epic Browser". Epic Browser is a Internet web browser which is based on Mozilla Firefox, which taps into several services to serve content which is useful and relevant to Indian users.

For example you can get cricket match score updates, share market updates, video streams and more. Epic Browser also has a built in Antivirus solution to keep the bad malware and Trojans out of your PC. Currently Epic browser has over 1500 applications and also supports . Read our earlier review of Epic Browser here or download Epic Browser from here.

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  • deepak

    I download and install epic browser on my windows vista but its not working It behaves like that i m not connected to internet even when i m using mozilla firefox. its shows problem in error console that "Error: [Exception… "'JavaScript component does not have a method named: "handleEvent"' when calling method: [nsIDOMEventListener::handleEvent]" nsresult: "0x80570030 (NS_ERROR_XPC_JSOBJECT_HAS_NO_FUNCTION_NAMED)" location: "" data: no]".

    Please help me so that i can also use it…

    • vivek

      can i send u epic which is working k

      • deepak

        YA, if u can help me then plz do it. but i m thinking that what is the problem with this browser which i downloaded from this site. send me ur epic at
        [email protected].

  • ved sahu

    this is an very intresting to use a indian browser

    today if Mr.Mahatma Gandhi is their then he was very happy because he always say that ki "vedashi chodo deshi apnao"

  • Congratulations.

    James Muttickal, Thrissur- 680003
    Mob: 09447614630

  • yogesh

    Cool Browser!!

    But Home Button Missing in navigation toolbar..!!

  • pkjain

    It;s good

  • jagannath

    it's fassinating.

  • jagannath

    iam very pride as an indian.

  • BK Suneelkumar

    Kudosssss INDIANS……………..Grt am very much hpy wt our own Browser its a grt feeling n EPIC is simply superb………..It has got all d features……..Hope it will create wonders fr sure……..Proud of being an INDIAN…………

  • Good for all users

  • naveen

    wow, u did a good job goooooooooo on yar

  • Epic looks really cool, and I like the streaming cricket scores facility it provides, inter alia. I tried running ESPN cricinfo's toolbar for Firefox, but it proved to be laggy and hogged resources, so I uninstalled it. I think targeting Indian people specifically is a great way to launch a browser, as there is a huge market, largely unexplored.

  • Dharmendra Sharma

    It's fire Thanks for launching …..!!! It's realy too good..

  • Raju Puntambekar

    I found it very useful,powerful &simple to use.

    Raju Puntambekar


    this blog post review on Epic is shared with Fans !!! :)

  • pinku.sreenath

    thanx 4 launching the browser…………..

    & it has full security

  • sunni

    EPIC is a wonderful web browser you can get everything right away from a mouse click. Its beautiful and superfast… Wow i loves it.

  • divyanshu daksh

    i like it what you know i dont know i am an indian so i like activity of all indians

  • pRInCe

    i m just to download it. i m so proud of u indians who made this .THANXXX A LOT.

  • anil

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrt!!!!! achievement its Bhartiya browser not Indian beacause Bharat a name means noun and you can't change noun. I love Bharat not Indian. So thanks to software engineers make Bhartiya browser so every Bhartiya use it and proud on it. I m waiting for 1st india computer chip for computer. Jai Bharat

    • Bhartiya

      Yaar par iska naam kis bhasha se hai ???? Iska naam bhi bhartiya hi hona chahiye

      • Bhatu Pawar

        The name of this browser should be "Jai Bharat"

  • anand dwivedi

    its working …… good.

    proud on u.


    can i get dis browser for free???

  • ankit sharma

    opera: meri to fad daali
    mozilla: meri b faad dali
    chrom: aur meri b>>>>>>>>>

  • tina


    gr8 ….


    Congrates to all INDIANS, And thanx for KEITH DSOUZA.