Download Epic Browser Created By Indians For Indians

There are tons of Internet Browsers available including Internet Explorer, , Firefox, and Safari, however, the Epic Browser is a bit different in the sense that it has been created specifically with Indians in mind.


A Bangalore based startup called Hidden Reflex has made available a browser called as the "Epic Browser". Epic Browser is a Internet web browser which is based on Mozilla Firefox, which taps into several services to serve content which is useful and relevant to Indian users.

For example you can get cricket match score updates, share market updates, video streams and more. Epic Browser also has a built in Antivirus solution to keep the bad malware and Trojans out of your PC. Currently Epic browser has over 1500 applications and also supports . Read our earlier review of Epic Browser here or download Epic Browser from here.

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  • kannan

    I just downloaded EPIC and typed a Tamil mail text and send to my wife through gmail. She was so very happy to receive the message in her mother tongue. When I explained her about how easy it is to send a mail using EPIC in native Indian language, she was thrilled and said she will send more mails to me and her friends and relatives. I believe a lot of Indians will start using this mainly for mail communication and native language typing. Earlier we were relying on some third party software to type in Indian languages or forced to type in English. If you have to express your self, you have to type / talk in your mother tongue.

    Plus the tool bars will make a lot of difference to the browser. Now I wish, I should contribute some thing from my side for such a wonderful browser for Indians.

    I believe, over the period of time this browser will mature a lot and can provide whatever the Indians need. Who knows, it may over take other browsers usage in India.

    kannan, Bangalore

  • Finally something original indian maal… We are getting better day by day .

  • Sawa sawa . Agree Pankaj.. :) XX

  • mitesh

    epic is also avail for mobiles?

    • jai

      no i dont think so…

  • V.K. Nigam

    No one can compare epic with other bcoz its powerfull. Thanks to India. Proud to be India

  • V.K. Nigam

    NO one can compare other browser with it.It has too many option and features than other.Thanks to Indian engineers .Proud to be an Indian

  • shankar

    mera epic team ko yahi nivedan hai ji ki jald se jald mobile supported epic banao, tabi opera mini, firefox ko mat milegi, hum intzar karenge

  • shankar

    mera epic team ko yahi nivedan hai ji ki jald se jald mobile supported epic banao,

  • Deepak Solanki

    it is very good browser. but it requires administrator privilege ,that's why if somebody wants to use it in a cyber cafe he/she will face some trouble to use your "Epic"…

    By the way best wishes to you… & yuor.. Browser..

  • manoj_taware

    1stly congrts to our eggr. by establish 1st indis browers
    epic …..Thank u…..

  • kannan

    I am already using this and found very useful. Where can we report the bugs?. When more and more users starts using this, we may come across so many issues. There should be a url to report the issues and suggestions.

    Already some body reported the crash issue and I too faced one crash scenario. I can share or report to a url if any such thing is available.

  • kannan

    I can see many users are excited about the Indian browser built for Indians by Indians. Please remember this is an modified version of the FireFox browser. The base framework is not ours (Indians).

    This browser is like, Somebody had built a very nice car and we are adding some dashboard elements to it.
    Toughest part is to identify the "elements" and put them in the right place. Hidden Reflex had done it perfectly.

    Kudos to Hidden Reflex team.

  • Aastha

    its really amazing. so many fun features which are quite useful also. I'm hooked to it since yesterday. Loved it…. Thumbs up!!

    यह बहुत ही अछा है. बहुत सारी कमाल चीज़ें है जैसे की यह हिंदी में लिख पाना, वोह भी इंग्लिश में टाइप करके.

    • Bhartiya

      Yaar par iska naam kis bhasha se hai ???? Iska naam bhi bhartiya hi hona chahiye

      • Aastha

        cant agree more :)

        but since yesterday after i updated epic for new version i'm unable to login to my yahoo account from epic. It says "browser not supported". I dont know what should i do. I was using it form quite a while and was hooked to it. But i cant keep on juggling b/w epic and crome.

  • Capt.D.N.Ghosh

    Mera Bharat Mahan !!!!!

  • Bimal

    I downloaded this browser yesterday n was blown away by its features (a bit over whelmed) !!
    But after a while i felt that most of the feature were of no actual use 4 me.
    But after some customization (simpler cooler theme, Removal and addition of sidebar apps according to my taste, Installation of Add-block plus, etc..) now i love it more than Firefox..
    I never thought i would like any browser better than Firefox, but my customized Epic is the Best!!
    Epic is my default browser now.

  • Amar raj singh

    CONGRATS nd thanx 2 all d desi minds behind Epic. May god bless u al vd a bright future ahead.

  • jaweed ashraf

    it is a good browser but leaves much to be desired specially in selecting elements. we must realise that many are not so well versed as to select properly. better if it is made simpler and easier to handle than it is for non-experts.

  • thankxxxxxxxxxxxx for giving us such a wonder ful browser for indian………………
    its proud for all ………….

  • May god bless u al vd a bright future ahead.

  • ankur

    no east no west epic is the best

  • nitin patil


    this is out of imagination

  • shankaranarayanan

    I want to download epic for my computer for free

  • manjeet

    i cogts epic team for making this browser

    i proud to be an indain

    mera bhart mahan

  • r jagadisan

    wow. it is fantastic. keep it up Indians.

  • Ajit choraria

    भारतियों के लिए यह फक्र की बात है ,सभी देश वाशियों को स्वदेशी तकनीक को अपना कर स्वदेशी विचारधारा को मजबूत करना चाहिए |