Commonwealth Games’ Official Website Gets 7M Daily Pageviews

I am sure you must have already visited the official website of the Commonwealth Games 2010 that is being held at Delhi. And in case you have not visited it till now, trying opening it in your browser and you will add to the huge pageview count the website is clocking as of now. Yes, the official website of the 19th Commonwealth Games, now gets 7 – 8 million page views every day. Additionally, the results page also gets half a million pageviews daily.

According to the Organising committee of the CWG 2010, the website had only clocked 50,000-odd visitors till the 1st october 2010 but after that the traffic has been tripling every day.  The Games started on 3rd October with huge pomp and show and will go on till the 14th October during which the traffic is expected to clock even higher numbers! For the ones who do not know this, the official website of CWG 2010 is powered by Drupal – a famous open-source content management system.

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