Check PNR Status Of Trains Online

Travelling by trains is one of the best modes of transportation in India, but thanks to the heavy load you might be able to get a reservation online and will be in waiting or reservation against cancellation status.

Travelling without reservation is often a crime in Indian Railways and you might be fined if you are caught. In such cases, checking your Passenger reservation or PNR is the best way before you can start your travel in Indian railways.

Indian Railways customers can check or find their PNR status online by visiting the Indian Railways Passenger Reservation Enquiry at this URL. Users will find their PNR at the top left corner of the ticket.

To check the status of your ticket you can enter the PNR at the above URL and you will be able to check whether your ticket is confirmed or still in waiting status.

There are several other ways to check your PNR, however, this is the best way to do it as it is created and  managed by Indian Railways.

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