Online Ticket Booking Service Launches with the Blessing of Bollywood

Online Ticket Booking Service Launches with the Blessing of Bollywood

Ticket-Please Indian film star Ajay Devgn has launched TicketPlease, a new online ticket booking service that will allow consumers to book tickets for films, plays, concerts and sporting events from the comfort of their couch. The service, which is being run by Jimmy Mistry, also has the backing of eminent Bollywood personalities like Sanjay Dutt, Nitin Manmohan, Vatsal Seth, Ramakant Tibrewal, Vijay Jain and Amit Sharma.

Besides offering tickets, the website will feature reviews, news and discussion forums. TicketPlease is hoping to directly connect fans with celebrities through celeb blogs and interviews. An online store with DVDs, books and games is also planned.

“I am delighted to bring to the audience a website where they can read authentic news about their favorite stars and much-awaited films. Being a part of the website, I will be taking keen interest in it. I will also be blogging for and interacting with my fans”, said Ajay Devgn at the launch event.

4 thoughts on “Online Ticket Booking Service Launches with the Blessing of Bollywood”

  1. has lot of bugs (errors) which voids ticket delivery after you have made payment. Same has happened to me. Customer care is worst, a lady named siddhi, speaks with you harsely, if u are a victim of fraud transactions. this is the conclusion i get after 12 hrs of enquiring about my faulty transaction.

  2. I booked tickets and money got deducted from my bank account but the ticket is shown as cancelled and so i call customer care so they tell me it’ll b refunded in 3 days n i’ve to rebook the ticket so i rebook and again the money gets deducted but no tickets get booked….it cant b coincidence twice…its a fake fraudulent site working with n luring customers through discount coupons….never give ur card no to them.

    k m bhimani

    [email protected]

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