Blackberry Storm2 Launches in India

RIM( Research in Motion) has recently launched Blackberry Storm2, the latest version of it’s smartphone product.

On this launch, RIM’s Managing Director (India), Frenny Bawa, said,

The new smartphone is based on SurePress technology that offers customers a powerful and unique mix of advanced communications and multimedia features for consumers and business professionals.

According to this new technology SurePress, the “piezo” touchscreen can respond to situations where we have one of our fingers touching the touch-screen when we attempt another touch action. This ensures a faster response times and multiple touch capabilities.

The backplate is of stainless steel and the display quality is appreciable. It features a 256 MB ROM and a 2GB memory card with HVGA 3.25″ resolution and an autofocus camera.

Priced at Rs. 31,990 this device packs in a classy design with many added features over the original Storm. Although it faces tough competition from the Android buzz, we expect this phone to fare averagely in the Indian market.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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