“BharatBerry” Launched To Counter BlackBerry Services In India

So what, if the Indian Government finally decides to shut down BlackBerry services in the country. Rajasthan based Data Infosys has launched a solution for all blackberry users. Titled “BharatBerry”, this product is a mobile communication service that works with all blackberry phones and provides more advance push mail with over the air (OTA) backup of your Contact, Task, Calendar and notes.

BharatBerry also provides Sync to your outlook. The Bharat Berry software can be purchased online and available for downloaded from the website www.bharatberry.com. For enabling access to all services including e-mails, users will be charged Rs.100 per month, while to ensure access and synchronisation of calendar and contacts the user will have to pay Rs.50 per month. BharatBerry is an Indian compliant Product made in India keeping in consideration all necessary India laws.

The Bharat Berry service on a BlackBerry handset ensures that you remain connected to your email, calendar and contacts through the servers hosted in India, Bharat Berry works through a mix of its very advanced email server known as XGeNPlus, and open source technologies. BharatBerry’s servers are hosted in India, hence there is no compliance issue. The software will be targeted on BlackBerry handsets and by next month. BharatBerry is also supported on all major mobile handsets based on Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile and J2ME, which will cover all major mobile handset providers like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, etc.

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