Komli Ad Network Review, Best CPM Network For Indian Traffic

komli_logoOf late, I have been finding ways to monetize unsold inventory and have been looking for some decent Ad networks in India. That is when I landed up on Komli (http://www.komli.com) which is a premium ad network for Indian users.

Komli provides both a CPM based network as well as performance based network for Indian traffic. They have allowed me to fill in inventory which was unused and make money from it, which I wasn’t making earlier.

In the past couple of weeks that I have been using them, the revenue is pretty decent and on par with several US CPM publisher network like Technorati Media and ValueClick. The ads are usually targeted towards Indian users and most of the times are relevant. Overall, my experience with Komli has been pretty nice and I would recommend it to users.

Komli pays on a Net45 basis, which means that they will pay you 45 days after the month ends if your net publisher earnings is INR 800 ($25) or more. Though I haven’t received my payments since it has been hardly a month since I joined, I am impressed with this network.

Other than that, Komli uses Yield manager (Right Media) from Yahoo as a backend market place. Reporting is pretty similar if you have used networks such as Technorati Media. In addition to web based reports, you can also setup Komli to email you reports on a regular basis.

Have any of you used Komli? What has your experience been with it? Do share your experiences in the comments.

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  • I am not convinced about their relevancy. I see one auto insurance and one pharma ad adjacent to this comment box.

  • Well, Komli needs lot more traffic to monetize than some of the other CPM ads… I’ve not been able to find the best CPM ads network for my blogs that receive 1-2k pageviews daily.

    Adsense has been pretty good, and so has been infolinks — can you suggest some CPM network for Bollywood niche?

  • nice article i sue tyroo for my free mp3 songs , give a good amount of money .

  • All that komli pays is peanut.For 3 lakh plus indian impressions you get 2000 rupees.It is the worst indian ad network regarding payment since being performance besed.The ads never performs.The ad network blames the publisher and his traffic while the publisher blames the poor targeting system of komli.but customer service and payment system are good unlike the fraudulant kinds of ibibo ads, Tyroo contextial advertisers etc

  • skk

    what about chitika? anyone tell me

  • But komli is taking much time to approve ads service and i switched to infolinks. But let me try again and see whether komli is approving or not..

  • is Komli still a good network and what rate they offering now for Indian traffic, net 45 is kinda very long time to wait for payment, is there any other good network which has less minimum and fast payment

  • what about admagnet.net?

  • thanks.
    cpm rate?

  • Thanks for the review.. But can any one tell how about chitika and edomz…

  • Navaz
  • You’ve not mentioned in minimum requirements for publishers.. Do they allow blogger blogs?
    What are the min. page view requirements?