Airtel To Launch IPTV In Bangalore

Bharti Airtel is all set to launch it’s IPTV (IP Television) service in Bangalore this week. Bharti has already launched Airtel IPTV in the Delhi NCR region and is being actively used by 40,000 users. IPTV is a digital television service where the channels are piped from the internet into TV sets of consumers through fibre optic cables.

Bharti’s Chief Marketing Officer Girish Mehta says that the company is looking at Bangalore as the 2nd Indian city to launch IPTV as the city is technology savvy and Bharti has over 1.8 lakh Airtel Broadband subscribers in the city. Airtel now plans to offer customers with a single customer service interface which takes into consideration voice, broadband and TV and video entertainment bills of the customers. The wired lines on the customer premises will be split using splitters to provide, telephony, broadband and IP TV services.

Airtel’s IPTV supports Time Shift’ which allows users to view any TV programme from an earlier date in the last seven days from the server. Users will also be able to pause, fast forward or fast backward programmes (only Movies as of now). Existing Airtel broadband customers can get IPTV with a top up of Rs 249 per month. This package will contain 127 TV channels. Airtel will also offer a Video-On-Demand service to it’s IPTV customers.

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