4th Generation iPod Touch India Pricing Detailed

Apple India has issued a  press release detailing the prices of their latest iPod Touch. The new iPod Touch should be available starting next week. The prices mentioned in the press release include applicable taxes:

iPod Touch 8GB Rs. 15,400
iPod Touch 32GB Rs. 19,900
iPod Touch 64GB Rs. 25,900

According to Steve Jobs, the new iPod Touch has been made slimmer which I really want to see for myself since the iPod Touch was unbelievably thin already. Other features introduced are:

  • Retina Display (same display as in iPhone 4)
  • Front facing and rear facing camera
  • FaceTime
  • HD Video Recording
  • Game Center
  • 3 axis gyro
  • Apple’s A4 Chip

The 160GB iPod Classic has been priced at Rs. 15,200 INR.

6 thoughts on “4th Generation iPod Touch India Pricing Detailed”

  1. i want an ipod touch 4 g ive got the very old modle 1 gen but i updated it in 3 oh it does’nr have speakers ‘ nor cameraaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..i like this article tells me more about the new 1 oh i wan it

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