The All New Content-Aware in Adobe Photoshop CS6 is Awesome

The All New Content-Aware in Adobe Photoshop CS6 is Awesome

The new Content-Aware feature in the upcoming Adobe Photoshop CS6 just blew my mind. Adobe’s Senior Product Manager, Bryan O’Neil Hughes, came up with a video demonstrating the latest feature in the CS6. With the new Content-Aware feature, you can seamlessly move or remove objects from an image. The new feature includes a whole lot of improvements to the CS5 Content-Aware technology.

All of the tricks shown by Bryan in the sneak peek guide can be recreated in the earlier versions of Photoshop. However, to accomplish the end-result the task certainly is time consuming. With the new features added to CS6, it clearly makes work much easier, faster, and more flexible.

In the demonstration, Bryan uses the concept of Content-Aware that was introduced in the CS5. Added to this is the Content-Aware Move, Extend, and Patch tool in the Adobe Photoshop CS6.

In the video, Bryan wants to move an entire object to the center of the image. Using Content-Aware fill certainly is not a good option. He showcases the new option provided in CS6 – Content-Aware Move Tool. With this, Bryan first selects the object that he wants to shift and then with the Move tool, moves the object to the desired location. The Content-Aware tool then magically removes the original object and adjusts the background by filling in the white spaces. All of this is done effortlessly and in seconds!

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Content-Aware

Other changes we notice is the Photoshop interface, which is much darker compared to the earlier version.

So, how do you find the new Content-Aware feature? I can’t wait to get my hands on this feature and try it out myself!

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