Spell With Flickr

spell with flickrSpell with Flickr is a web service which enables you to type in any text you wish to and then, matches each letter of that phrase/word with letter pictures right from Flickr.

spell with flickr

The letters that appear here are retrieved from images posted on the One Letter Flickr group. If you don’t like any of the images that appear, then you can just click on each individual image to change it. You can also try reloading the page to get a new graphic set of letters

Spell with flickr also provides with HTML code that you can copy and paste to any web page or blog.

This service can come handy to quickly make a heading for a web page and try alternate texts to suit your needs. It’s a nice little tool to play around with. Check out spell with flickr.

This service is free for use and does not require any registration for use.

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