Share High Resolution Pictures As Zoomable Widgets

High resolution pictures from a good SLR camera can be significantly large in size. Viewing it on a regular desktop involves a lot of scrolling if you want to view the full version. All this scrolling can be a hassle and doesn’t provide an ideal solution to viewing these pictures. An alternative solution is to use a web application like Closr.

Closr lets you share high-resolution pictures by turning them into zoomable widgets. Simple upload a picture on Closr and Closr will provide you with a code to embed your picture anywhere on the web as a widget. The best part, however, is that the viewers to your website would be able to zoom in and out of the picture from within the widget. No need to expand it over the full browser window and scroll like crazy.

You can choose a custom size for your widget before obtaining the embed code and manage your widgets form your free Closr account even after you have embedded them. Moreover, each widget has a full-screen mode in and accompanied tags to make it even better.

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