Reshade, Increase Your Image Resolution Without Losing Quality
By on June 9th, 2008

How many times have you come across a wallpaper that is not the right size for your desktop? Do you simply setup the wallpaper even though its resolution does not match your desktop resolution?

There are tons of services which will help you make your image sizes smaller than their current resolutions while providing same or lesser quality but what if you want to increase the size of the image to a higher resolution? Have you been able to do it without degrading the image quality?

reshade-logo Reshade is a solution which allows you to resize your image without losing any quality. The major factor that makes Reshade better than others, is the fact that it allows you to increase your image resolution up to 20 times without incurring any loss of quality of the images along with the normal features of down sizing your image resolution.

How Does Reshade Work?

Reshade has both a online and offline version using which you can resize or enlarge the resolution of your images.

Reshade Online

Reshade Online has a easy to use interface and you can resize your images up to 3x times from the original resolution. Using the free online version you need to choose a image from your computer or provide Reshade with a URL to the location of the image.


Once you have uploaded the image you can choose the resolution you want to resize it to along with having options to center the image, stretch it and more. I gave the service a try and found pretty good results with the online image resizing.

This is the original image I used to resize to a bigger resolution, the original image size was 341 x 126 pixels


Below is the image resized to a resolution of 800 x 295. Click on the image to view the full image.


As you can see the quality of the image is almost intact and that is why Reshade can be quite a useful service for you.

Reshade Offline / Desktop Tool

Reshade also has a pretty useful desktop image resize tool which will allow you to increase the image resolution by up to 20x times which is quite good indeed.

Reshade Desktop Tool

The Reshade desktop resize tool allows you to easily resize image from the confines of your desktop. There are various options you can choose from while resizing a image. You can either use the zoom option or enter in a size you want to resize in the image to. In addition to that you can also control the quality, smoothness, texture, accuracy and threshold of the resized images.

The Reshade desktop resize tool has quite a simple interface and can be used by anyone without going through much trouble.

Reshade Desktop Resizer Features

  • Innovative scaling algorithm – allows for over 2000% enlargements with no loss in clarity
  • Easy to use interface – simple adjustments, with quick preview
  • Fast access – use keyboard shortcuts to open and save files
  • Drag and drop – open files directly from your Internet or file browser
  • Multiple file types – support various formats including JPEG, PNG, bmp
  • Standard image modes – can use CMYK, RGB and grayscale images
  • Video tutorial – see a quick intro to the Reshade features
  • Automatic updates – get notified when a new version is released


Innovative Processing Tools

  • Control – have the best control over image clarity. Remove blur and highlight curves
  • Soft Edges – get smooth, precise and consistent contours for all "Edge Control" values
  • Smooth – remove image defects easier, directly from Reshade.
  • Texture – extract even the finest details from your images. Contrast and enhance image features
  • Accuracy – go from smooth edges to perfect estimations of the original image lines
  • Threshold – make selective edge transformations
  • Best Edges – get even better color estimation with just a little more processing time
  • Quality – choose between speed or better quality for the resized image


The desktop tool is not available for free though and the price for it is $149 per license. The folks at Reshade are offering the desktop tool at a 51% discount, so you can get the product for $74 if you purchase it before 25th June.


Reshade definitely provides users with a nifty feature that many image resizers do not provide you with. So the next round if you have found a perfect wallpaper for your desktop which does  not fit the resolution of your desktop you know where to head.

This is a definite must have tool for designers and photographers so go ahead and download a free trial and if you like the product purchase it before 25th June to get a 51% discount.

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