Photobucket Uploader

Photobucket is a pretty popular image sharing website, and we are pretty sure there are many people who have their accounts with them.

If you are a user, a pretty neat add-on called Photobucket uploader will help you upload any images from a webpage directly to your Photobucket account.


The add-on is pretty simple, just right click on any image you want to upload to Photobucket and click on the Upload to Photobucket option in context menu.

Download Photobucket Uploader

6 thoughts on “Photobucket Uploader”

  1. i just use facebook to share pictures…. theres no real point for needing photo bucket, is there? unless the person i want to share photos with doesnt have facebook, i would imagine.

  2. thanks i was searching for desktop uploader, this would be more than enough for me. Thanks a lot, but i wonder what would the maximum limit for photobucket bandwidth for any image, i just want to place images on my blog post, would it be nice idea? please reply me i will followup comments via email

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