Embed Flickr Slideshows On Any Website

Flickr is one of the largest and for sure one of the best places to store photos. One of the really cool features offered by Flickr is creating photosets or slideshows. You can combine tons of photos in a cool looking slideshow, but how do you share it with others? FlickrSlidr solves this problem for us.

FlickrSlidr is a really simple web app that lets you embed your Flickr slideshows to any website or blog. All you have to do is specify the URL of your photoset and set a few slideshow options; that’s it. You will then be provided with an HTML code that you can use to embed the slideshows on your web page. You can also set parameters like slideshow hide and width and preview option to customize the look of your slideshow.

Upload Photos From Picasa To Facebook

I use Picasa desktop tool to keep my photos organized and upload them to Picasa Web albums, however I use too pretty often and was looking for a tool to upload photos from Picasa directly to Facebook.

There are a few different ways to upload photos to Facebook one is a Facebook photo uploader and another is a plugin to upload images to Facebook from Windows Live Gallery, however if you are a Picasa user there is another tool called Picasa Uploader which will allow you to upload images from Picasa directly to Facebook.

To upload images from Picasa to Facebook, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Download the Picasa uploader application, you will be prompted to launch the Picasa application when you click on the download link.


Step 2: Add the Facebook Button to Picasa by clicking on the Add button.

Step 3: Follow the steps to authorize the application to access Facebook.


Step 4: Select the photos you want to upload to Facebook, and click on the Facebook button from the bottom of the screen.


Step 5: A new window will open up, if you have already authorized access to Facebook, you will see a screen where you can add information about the album.


When the albums are uploaded you will have to personally login to Facebook and approve the uploaded photos, if you do not want to that everytime, just click on the enabling extended access, clicking on this link will show you a screen to authorize the application to upload photos.


If you do not authorize the application to upload photos you will have to login to Facebook and go to your photos and then approve the images.

On the other hand if you allowed the application to upload photos to Facebook, it will show up in your albums.

Pretty easy right, this is definitely a great tool for Picasa users who also use Facebook and will definitely save them a lot of time.

Take Screenshots Without Any Software Or Plugin

There are tons of softwares and add-ons that let you take screenshots of webpages, edit them, resize them and then save them. But what about times when you are on a new machine or a different browser and need a quick screen capture of a website. Here’s the trick.

Suppose you are visiting a webpage with the URL http://abcd.com/xyz. To do a screen capture, simply add aviary.com/ before the http and press enter. You will automatically be redirected to the aviary.com website showing a screen capture of the original web page.

Once you see the screenshot, you have the options of editing the image, resizing it, cropping it or saving it on your desktop. The Aviary image editor will provide you with almost all the standard tools that you see in a regular screen capture software. You can also launch an advanced editor to use advanced image editing features.

Alternately, you can also go to Aviary.com/launch/talon and enter the URL of the webpage you are trying to capture. Aviary also allows you to choose the optimal screen resolution and image quality you desire.

If you use firefox, you can also use their Add-on to have a quicker access to the tool.

Search Image Galleries With Kalooga

Flickr and Google are pretty good when you are searching for a couple of images. However, they can be a hassle if you are trying to find a lot of images on a specific topic. Here’s where Kalooga can help.

Kalooga is a new way of searching for images! Instead of searching for individual images, Kalooga searches for web pages that have complete image galleries related to a specific topic. When you search for something on Kalooga, it will show you 4 thumbnails from each gallery, tell you how many images there are in the gallery and what website it is from. Clicking on any of the thumbnail would take you to the actual gallery page.

Searching for galleries, instead of individual images, can provide more relevant results and be less time-consuming. You can also add your own galleries to Kalooga so they become easily searchable by other users.

Google Image Search Adds Filter By Licensing Option

There are millions of images spread across the internet, however not all of those are free to use, some images may require users to pay royalty before they can use them commercially.

does provide users with an option to search images with Creative Commons licenses which can be used anywhere without having to pay royalty to the image creator.

Google Image Search too will now have an option to search images and filter them based on the licensing.

image search usage rights

The new options are now available as a part of the advanced options for image search, however we could not see them yet, which means that Google will be rolling out these features slowly to everyone.

This is the first instance any search engine has added such an option to image search, Yahoo does have it but it’s data comes from Flickr.

So the next time you want to search for a free to use image, head to Google Image search.

Update: Google has gone live with this feature you can read more about the announcement; Find Creative Common Images With Image Search.

[via Google OS]

Download Images From Picasa Web Albums To Your Desktop

Picasa is a image sharing service from Google which is very similar to , however Picasa also has a desktop client that allows users to upload images from their desktop to Picasa Web Albums.

However the same client does not allow users to download images back to your computer, and you will need to manually download each and every photo to your computer.


Picasa Independent Album Exporter is a handy and , that will allow you to download albums from Picasa to your desktop.

We tested the software and were able to download photos from a user album, however this will only work if you also have Picasa installed on your computer, also you will not be able to download images from albums other than your own one.

Download Picasa Independent Album Exporter

Edit, Enhance And Analyze Images Using Image Analyser

Image Analyzer 1.30 is a new software that edits, enhances and analyzes images.

This graphics and freeware is compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista operating systems. You can download the software with installer or as zip file. The software comes in various languages like Danish, Dutch, French, Finnish, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

It can adjust automatically the image brightness, contrast, saturation and gamma elements. Noise reduction and edge extraction is possible through the ability of the software to build in conventional and adaptive filters. The software has retouch tools and its retinex filters help reducing shadows and increase local contrast for image enhancement. The software provides for effortless red eye removal and allows you to denote filters in spatial and frequency domains.

The software’s image editing features include ability to resize, rotate, crop and warp images. There is also scanner, camera and printer support. You can perform morphing operations with image analyzer 1.30. The software can read and write BMP, ICO, CUR, WMF, EMF, PNG, MNG, GIF, PCX, JPEG and JPEG 2000 images and can read RAS, PNM, PGM, PPM, HIPS and Matlab file formats. It allows color model conversion of RGB, CMY, HSI, Lab, YCbCr, YIQ and PCA. It enables transformation of distance, Fourier and discrete cosines.


Creation and transformation of images is facilitated with a special math expression module and an advanced pocket calculator which has an inbuilt equation solver. The image analyzer does not blur pictures and at the same time it has the unique ability to correct out of focus pictures. The software makes available a wide range of plug-ins for obtaining many more specialized features over and above what the software already has. Some of these plug-ins include Combine for High Dynamic Range (HDR), Microscopic imaging, 3D modeling, Batch processing, Fractal interpolation, Add text and vector graphics, Raster Export, TIFF reader, Profile line, PCA Color Stretch, 8fb Plug-in Interface and Developers’ information.

[ Download Image Analyzer ]

Simple Free Drawing Tool For MAC

If you have MAC OS X 10.4 and 10.5, then download Scribbles, a simple, incredibly easy to sue, revolutionary interface and powerful drawing tool for MAC.

You can download it for free and use it as long as you want, and you can buy the license for $19.95 when you are happy with it’s performance.

scribbles-large It’s revolutionary user interface coupled with it’s advanced stroke rendering makes all your sketches as real as possible and incredibly easy to use . Most other drawing tools limit you when it comes to the canvas size, as you’ll be forced to pre-define the size of the canvas, Scribbles on the other hand gives you the flexibility to go beyond the notion of defined canvas size. You can re-size the canvas to suit your need, even when you in the middle of a sketch.

Zooming in to the minute details along with panning forever are other noticeable features. The best feature is, if you re-size your window, Scribbles automatically will re-render the entire sketch/drawing, proportionally from the raw vector data. This ensures you don’t run short of pixels, and your sketch looks of high quality as ever.

Scribbles will perform best with any CoreImage capable graphic card, so in case you have it on you system, you are in for better overall experience, though this is not mandatory.

Have a look at what other Scribblers have come up with in this Gallery.

System requirements for Scribbles:
G4, G5 or Intel Mac.
Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5.

[ Download Scribbles ]

Create Free Image Galleries Online With MyLiveGallery

Image galleries are a nice way to showcase your images but what if you want to quickly create a image gallery and share it with your friends?

My Live Gallery can come in pretty handy for when you want to quickly create a image gallery, without the need to create thumbnail images and learn HTML.

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Import/Migrate Images From TwitPic To Flickr

Twitpic is a image sharing service, which allows you to quickly upload images for sharing with your friends and family. Twitpic is very closely associated with Twitter accounts.


If you are a user, you can now migrate images from your TwitPic account to Flickr with a service called Twitpickr.

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