MSN Wallpapers Offers Free Desktop Wallpaper Manager

msn-wallpapers-logo MSN Wallpapers is a desktop based wallpaper manager which will allows you to download and use 100s of free high resolution wallpapers which are updated on a regular basis. Once you have downloaded and installed the software, it will query the MSN Wallpapers database to download the wallpapers to your desktop.

MSN Wallpapers also allows you to create your own wallpapers by allowing you to crop, resize, rotate or flip the images. The software is absolutely free and it definitely much better than the default wallpaper manager offered by Windows.

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MSN Wallpapers also allows you to randomly change your wallpapers at regular intervals along with allowing you to create a slideshow of images as your desktop background. It also provides with a option to add your own images to be used as wallpapers.

Download MSN Wallpapers

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