Identify The Colors In Any Image Using ColorHunter

We often see images with really cool colors that we would like to implement in our designs, but it becomes hard to identify the exact colors used in the original image. If you ever find yourself stuck in a situation like this, check out ColorHunter.

ColorHunter is a web application that can identify the colors used in any image and create a color palette based on them. All you have to do is specify the URL of an image or upload an image from your local drive. The image should be .jpeg, .gif or .png format. ColorHunter would then identify all the colors used in that particular image and create a color palette.

You can switch between dull and vibrant colors of the palette and also see the HTML color code behind each color. If you are unsure about a color, you can simply search ColorHunter using either a tag or the hex code.

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