How To Remove MetaData From Your Digital Images

Metadata is an important piece of information that describes your content. When we talk about a digital image, metadata can contain information like creation date and time, details of the camera settings, information about image editing softwares used and sometimes even the location the image was captured at. Most of the times this information is harmless, but you don’t always want this information to be available due to security and privacy concerns.

So how do we remove metadata from an image? There are a number of freewares that allow you to remove all the metadata from your images. The first one to mention is JPEG and PNG Stripper that would strip your digital images of all the metadata information. Couple of other freewares that accomplish the same task are Exif Tag Remover and Batch Purifier. No matter which freeware you use, the image quality is not affected during the process since the cleanup is only meant for the metadata.

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