How To Make a Photo Smile, Frown or Wink

The title of the post may sound unreal to you but there is a fun little tool that actually lets you do that. The tool is called Cartoon Photo and lets you insert a number of emotions into a picture.

Simply upload a photo from your computer or enter a URL to upload one from the web (The maximum image size is 12 MB). Then choose the emotion you want to insert including smile, wink, sad, troll, squint eyed, flirt and oops.

For example we took this simple picture and played around with the tool:

We tried to make it smile:

and then we tried to make it frown:

and then squint eyed:

You can also select the strength of an emotion to decide how much the photo should smile or frown. There is also an option to insert an animated smile into the photo. You can specify the animation speed and the picture size while setting the animation.

Once done, you can simply save your resulting image on your computer, save it online with a free account or share it with your friends. Cartoon Photo is a part of broader range of fun apps offered at including photo editing, photo enhancement, creating avatars and photo presentation widget.

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