Edit Images On The Fly In Firefox With FlyEdit [Featured Extension]

We have told you about tons of that will help you edit images online, but wouldn’t it be nice to edit those images on the fly, without the need to install visit any website or launch a image editing tool?


FlyEdit is one such extension that will help you edit images on the fly on any webpage and save it to your local PC.

FlyEdit provides options to change the brightness and contrast of a image, crop the image, rotate or flip it or change the colors. You can also resize the images on the fly. Once you have made the edit, you can save the image to your local disk.

To activate the FlyEdit editor, you can press the hotkey Ctrl + Shift + E and mark the images on the screen using the option provided or by right clicking the image and selecting the FlyEdit option from the context menu.

FlyEdit add-on is experimental so you will need to have a account with Firefox to be able to download and install this extension. This extension is only available for Windows users.

Download FlyEdit add-on to edit Images on the fly in Firefox.

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