Edit, Enhance And Analyze Images Using Image Analyser

Image Analyzer 1.30 is a new software that edits, enhances and analyzes images.

This graphics and freeware is compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista operating systems. You can download the software with installer or as zip file. The software comes in various languages like Danish, Dutch, French, Finnish, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

It can adjust automatically the image brightness, contrast, saturation and gamma elements. Noise reduction and edge extraction is possible through the ability of the software to build in conventional and adaptive filters. The software has retouch tools and its retinex filters help reducing shadows and increase local contrast for image enhancement. The software provides for effortless red eye removal and allows you to denote filters in spatial and frequency domains.

The software’s image editing features include ability to resize, rotate, crop and warp images. There is also scanner, camera and printer support. You can perform morphing operations with image analyzer 1.30. The software can read and write BMP, ICO, CUR, WMF, EMF, PNG, MNG, GIF, PCX, JPEG and JPEG 2000 images and can read RAS, PNM, PGM, PPM, HIPS and Matlab file formats. It allows color model conversion of RGB, CMY, HSI, Lab, YCbCr, YIQ and PCA. It enables transformation of distance, Fourier and discrete cosines.


Creation and transformation of images is facilitated with a special math expression module and an advanced pocket calculator which has an inbuilt equation solver. The image analyzer does not blur pictures and at the same time it has the unique ability to correct out of focus pictures. The software makes available a wide range of plug-ins for obtaining many more specialized features over and above what the software already has. Some of these plug-ins include Combine for High Dynamic Range (HDR), Microscopic imaging, 3D modeling, Batch processing, Fractal interpolation, Add text and vector graphics, Raster Export, TIFF reader, Profile line, PCA Color Stretch, 8fb Plug-in Interface and Developers’ information.

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