PhotoGrabber Lets you Download Tagged Photos of Facebook Friends

[Windows and MAC]: There is one problem with Facebook photo albums, you are not shown any link to download the entire photo album in your computer. To download all the photos of a Facebook photo album, you have to click through each photo, load them in a new browser tab and save the images one by one. This procedure can be quite tiring and time consuming as well.

We have previously covered a Facebook photo download tool , which lets you download entire Facebook albums in your computer. But what about “Tagged photos” in Facebook? What if you want to download all the tagged photos of yours or may be some of your friends?

Enter Photograbber, a simple Facebook photo download tool which lets you download tagged photos of any of your Facebook friends. Once you have downloaded the package, extract and run the utility. This will open a browser window where you have to login to your Facebook account and grant the necessary permissions.

You will then be shown an authentication code, simply copy and paste it in the Photograbber preferences as shown below:

Photograbber will then display all your Facebook friends in a list, you can select yourself or any other friend from the list and then download all the tagged photos of that person in your computer.

The application searches your friends wall posts for images where you have been tagged. One downside is that you are not shown the thumbnails or any preview of the images in the application window. Photograbber goes to work and downloads all the photos at once, you are also not given any option to select the images you want.

I think Photograbber does a nice job, you don’t have to search for all tagged photos of a particular friend and manually download them.

Note: You can download only those photos which have been publicly shared by your friend. The application works if the privacy setting for the particular image is “Everyone” or “Friends” , otherwise not.

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