Desktop Photo Resizer

If you have a high resolution camera, you may know how hard it is to share the files with your family and friends, because of the large sizes of the images captured.

However we had told you about a Image resizer earlier that resized images on the fly that you send out using emails and IMs, however if you are looking for a tool to resize images on the desktop, Photo resizer is a freeware utility that serves the purpose.

Photo resizer eliminates the need for having bulky photo editing softwares, as it quickly allows you to resize photos, without the need to have professional skills.


Resizing images with Photo resizer is very simple, just open the image you want to resize and resize the window, that’s it, once you are done resizing the window, click on the save button and your resized image will be ready, no need to specify height or width, just mouse movements will allow you to resize the images.

Definitely one of the simplest photo resizing tools we have ever come across.

Download Photo Resizer

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