Create Free Image Galleries Online With MyLiveGallery

Image galleries are a nice way to showcase your images but what if you want to quickly create a image gallery and share it with your friends?

My Live Gallery can come in pretty handy for when you want to quickly create a image gallery, without the need to create thumbnail images and learn HTML.

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MyLiveGallery enables you to instantly create live galleries, photo albums and slideshows online. Use it to turn your photos into attractive galleries and share them with others. It is as easy as 1-2-3. Just specify the name, upload your pictures or get photos from Flickr, select a theme and the gallery is ready!

Create Image Gallery

Once your image gallery is created, you can choose to apply a theme to it, users can choose from several predefined themes. MyLiveGallery limits the number of photos in a gallery to 10.


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