Create a Collage From Your Photos Using PhotoVisi

There are so many neat things one can do to manipulate, enhance and optimize the effect of a photograph and express the captured moments in a better way. Creating a collage is a unique way to represent a set of photos together, such that they integrate with each other without losing their individuality.

You can create custom collages in Photoshop but that would take you at least a few hours and a lot of effort. An easy alternative is to use an online tool like PhotoVisi. PhotoVisi is a tool that generates collages from your submitted photos. Simple choose from 18 different collage formats that PhotoVisi offers and then you can either upload the photos from your local drive or from your Flickr account.

Once you have upload the photos, a beautiful collage would be generated from them that you can also use as a Wllpaper for your computer. Different collage formats offered by PhotoVisi actually cater to the number of photos you want to make a collage of.

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