Create Yourself A 3D Screensaver With The Photos You Have – Photo! 3D Album

The world is becoming really digital nowadays that one has no choice to be in the old 2D option. We now have to compete with these upcoming changes. This computer world is now a 3D world. Things that are not 3D have no appeal in today’s computer generation. Even the OS that are being released, like Windows 7 also have a great visual appeal. Now, here is a software that helps you to make an album of your photos and explore them in 3D as screen-savers or movie files.

Photo! 3D Album is a windows software that helps you to create screen savers or exe files with the images on the computer. This is a freeware software that is really wonderful in creating albums in 3D way.


  1. This freeware software helps you to watch your photos in different scenes called as galleries that are inbuilt in the software. To get a more clear understanding about these galleries watch the pictures below. (Here the gallery has a set of photo frames in which the photos are arranged in a random way from your Pictures folder.)
  2. This also enables you to choose the images you want and also put the images wherever you want around the gallery in a drag and drop fashion.
  3. When you run the screen saver it starts navigating through the hall in the gallery showing off your pictures in the picture frame. As the camera comes nearer to the picture frame it enlarges the picture to its real and original size in full screen. It also names the pictures you are watching.

The Striking Feature:

The striking feature of this software is that you can save your albums as .exe files which help you to watch anywhere, mail anyone or also post it on the web. (The .exe file created by this software is a standalone program and does not need this software to run.) Isn’t that striking!!!!

Here is the link from where you can download the software: Photo! 3D Album.

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