Convert, Print or View Thumbnails of Images from Context Menu [Useful Utility]

There may be several times when you may have downloaded, or received images through a email, now we can’t blame people for having preferences for using different formats for the images, but what if you want to convert them into your favorite format? What if you want to print a image without opening it?

Not everyone is a designer and resizing images could definitely take users a lot of time, also printing a image would require you to open up that image and then issue the print command. If you are hassled by these things, let us introduce you to a handy freeware utility that will ease your work when you work with images.

FirmTools ShellExtension is a real handy utility that allows you to convert a image to a different format. You can also configure which options should be displayed in the right click context menu, by using the configuration tool provided.


Convert Image Formats

Converting images is simple, you just need to right click on any particular image and then select the format you want to save it in. It takes less than 2 seconds to convert any image to any format.

Quick Thumbnails

The utility also shows a thumbnail of the image when you right click on it, making it easier to view the images in file/open save dialogs without having to see all the images in thumbnail view.


Clicking on the thumbnail will open the image in your favorite image viewer or editor.

Quickly Print Images

The utility also adds a print link to the context menu of the images, allowing you to easily print any image just by right clicking. Clicking on the print link will not exactly print the image, but open a print dialog using which you can easily print the image, saving you time nevertheless.


Overall this looks like quite a useful utility, and we were also impressed by the quick conversion and thumbnail previews. The print option looks good too since it saves us some time.

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