Convert Between 100 Different Image Formats

You must have seen tons of image converters online that let you convert from this format to that e.t.c. What if there is an online tool that lets you convert between more than 100 image formats, and all for free.

Go2Convert is an online image conversion tool that supports over 100 formats. Simply upload an image of up to 5 MB, and choose your desired output format from jpeg, png, psd, bmp, pdf, ptif, pict, svg, ps2, rbg, avs, epi, gif or any other popular image format. Go2Convert will convert your image instantly and also email you the link to the converted image.

You also have an option to re-size your converted image anywhere from 100 x 75 to 1600 x 1200 pixels. All the converted images are stored on the servers for 5 -10 days. If there is an image format, no matter how rare it is, chances are it would be supported by Go2Convert.

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