Add Cool Effects To Your Photos With EffMyPic

There are tons of tools out there to play around with your images but EffMyPic is different. EffMyPic is specially focused on personal photos or portraits and allows you to make them fancier by adding cool effects to them.

Not only can you make your photo appear like a vintage photo, you can also make it appear on a bottle, a computer, a city bus, a billboard, a wanted sign and much more. Getting any of these effects through Photoshop or GIMP would generally take a huge amount of time and effort. Check the image below for some cool things you can do to Eff your pic.

Once you are satisfied with the final image, you have the option to download it on your local drive or hotlink the image from any website or blog. You can also directly send the pic to Twitter, or post it on your Facebook or MySpace account. Not sure which effect you want? Check out the public gallery displaying recent images that have been tweeked.

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