Translate Skype Chat in Real Time

Translate Skype Chat in Real Time

Have you ever been in a web chat with a person who does not understand your language, or whose language you don’t? Most likely it would not be the case, but you would still try to converse with someone, even if you did not know their language fluently.

Skype Translate is a handy utility, which will allow you to translate your Skype chat in real-time. Skype Translate works 2 ways.

  • It will allow you to type text in your language and then automatically translate into the recipients language.
  • It will automatically translate the what your friends type into your language.

Think of Skype Translate as your personal Translator. Conversing with people from other languages is tough, however this makes it a bit easy, if not more fun.

Watch a video of Skype Translate in action.

Download Skype Translate

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