Google Talk Gadget: Save Photos From Webcam As Avatars

There are some features which I still don’t understand why Google is not porting into GTalk application for desktop but those things are definitely what Google thinks is best for their chat tool and there is always a form I could use to tell them about it.

There was a announcement which really was quite awesome where they would allow users to change their GTalk picture by capturing images from your webcam. This would mean that I could click wacky pictures (not the NSFW types) and show it to the world. I could simply keep on changing my pictures and share it with the world without any need to have a camera.


To use this feature simply click on the change photo in the Google talk gadget and click on the Take Photo option. Once you do that you will see a image from your webcam appear and use it to save it as your GTalk photo.

Of course you need a webcam attached to your PC for this. This feature is only available with the Google Talk, GTalk, Avatars