Digsby Users Can Now Opt-Out of Ads

Advertising helps free products and sites stay free. Of course they can be annoying, but you have to understand that without them products and websites will soon run out of fire-power.

Disable Digsby Ads

However, Digsby the multi-protocol instant messenger is now allowing users to opt-out of ads. Yes, the ads are actually optional. The options for disabling ads is available in the latest build 86. So if you have been annoyed with the ads, you can simply go ahead and disable it by going to Options -> Conversations.

Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta Now Available, Introduces Social Gaming and Networking

Yahoo has released a new beta of their popular desktop IM chat software, Yahoo Messenger 11. The new version of Yahoo messenger allows you to play games with friends including several popular ones from Zynga.

Yahoo Messenger 11 Games

Yahoo Messenger 11 beta is now available for downloads and it includes social gaming. Yahoo had become more serious about the social gaming phenomenon when they partnered with Zynga to bring the popular game Farmville to the Yahoo network. Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta will include games such as Fishville and Mafia Wars from Zynga; Balloono, Pool and Draw My Thing from OMGPOP; and Happy Harvest and Happy Manor from Elex.

Yahoo Messenger Social Gaming

In addition to social gaming, Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta will also allow you to manage all your social networks from one place, including and Facebook. Users can download the beta version of Yahoo Messenger 11 from here.

Skype 5.0 Launches With Facebook Integration and Group Video Calling

Skype has launched a new version, Skype 5.0, which has direction integration with and a Group Video calling feature. Skype users will now be able to view their Facebook News Feed in Skype along with the ability to use their Facebook phonebook to make calls to people.

Skype 5.0 With Facebook and Group Video Calling

Skype will now allow users to view their Facebook news feed, post updates to Facebook, comment and like friends updates, call and SMS Facebook friends and make a free Skype call if your Facebook friend is also using Skype.

In addition to that, Facebook has also launched a new Group Video Calling feature; which is currently in open beta, and will allow users to call several family and friends at once. This is something similar to a group voice chat, except it will also include videos now.

You can download Skype 5.0 for your PC from here, or read more about the latest version at the official Skype blog. Also watch a video of Skype for Windows in action in the embedded video above.

Download Yahoo Messenger 10 (

The team has released a new update to YM 10 (v10.0.0.1241) with bug fixes and other stability updates.

Yahoo Messenger 10

The major change in Yahoo Messenger 10 enhances the stability and performance of the new video call feature, it also improves the video calling features on PCs which run .

Other than the above changes no other change log is available right now. If you have never used Yahoo Messenger 10, you can visit our earlier review of YM 10.

If you are looking to download the direct/standalone installer of Yahoo Messenger 10, visit this link (.exe file download will begin). If you prefer to use the web installer you can download YM 10 from here.

ICQ 7 Jumps On The Social Networking Bandwagon

The ICQ messenger is probably one of the most oldest instant messaging tool and service which still exists. However, instant messaging is no longer just about chatting with friends. Several IM clients like Yahoo Messenger 10, Windows Live Messenger and Digsby have made that jump to add features which support social networking sites like and .


The team behind ICQ have now released a new version, ICQ 7, which easily integrates with your Facebook and Twitter account. This release came three years after the release of ICQ 6 beta, which is a long time considering that the way we communicate has changed since then.

New Features in ICQ 7

  • Integration with Feeds from social networking sites including: Facebook, Twitter, and  
  • Track and keep tabs on your online activity
  • Easily Share pictures with your friends on ICQ
  • Import contacts from other accounts
  • More personalization options etc.

Download ICQ 7 [via Download Squad]

Translate Skype Chat in Real Time

Have you ever been in a web chat with a person who does not understand your language, or whose language you don’t? Most likely it would not be the case, but you would still try to converse with someone, even if you did not know their language fluently.

Skype Translate is a handy utility, which will allow you to translate your Skype chat in real-time. Skype Translate works 2 ways.

  • It will allow you to type text in your language and then automatically translate into the recipients language.
  • It will automatically translate the what your friends type into your language.

Think of Skype Translate as your personal Translator. Conversing with people from other languages is tough, however this makes it a bit easy, if not more fun.

Watch a video of Skype Translate in action.

Download Skype Translate

Download Messenger Plus! Live to Enhance Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger is a very popular instant messenger from Microsoft. It provides users with lots of options to customize the look and feel of the IM. However, it still does not provide users with a lot of features.


Messenger Plus! Live is a WLM add-on which enhances your experience by providing you with tons of customization options, including skin messenger to change the complete look and feel of WLM, custom emotion sounds and formatting options, organized history of your chat logs, and tons of scripts that are built using their platform.


Messenger Plus! Live also allows you to quickly lock your messenger Window using and chat with several contacts using a tabbed interface.

Techie Buzz Verdict

If you are a Windows Live Messenger user, this is a must download. It adds tons of features, which makes instant messaging more fun.


P.S. Keep an eye on the installation screens, the software will change your browser home page and install a Ask.com toolbar, if you do not unselect the options during installation.

Techie Buzz Rating: 2.5/5 (Good)

Download Messenger Plus! Live

5 Great Google Talk Bots

Google Talk is predominantly used for its simple and fast interface as well as its unobtrusive notifications. Moreover, it now supports voice chat and video calling as well making it one of the best featured chat clients on the internet.


However, there is a side to it that most people do not know much about it is actually a Jabber/XMPP protocol using chat client and there are a variety of chat bots for this platform. Listed are five very useful bots that transform Google Talk into a powerhouse.

  1. Translation Bot: This offering from Google Translate turns your IM client into a ready-to-go translation service. All you need to add is the correct bot such as [email protected] (for English to Hindi), or perhaps an English to German bot [email protected] and start sending it the translation requests. Although this feature is not one hundred percent accurate, it is still a highly useful feature for all those users who need to translate small pieces of text on a daily basis. The full list of translation bots contains a lot more bots in other languages as well.
  2. Ping.fm: This all-in-one bot sends messages to 40 social networking websites supported by it including status updates on Facebook, tweets to Twitter (obviously!), microblog posts to Tumblr and other fun features. Best of all, this messaging system works right from your IM client and is completely free.logo Head over to Ping.fm’s site and sign up for all of its features and the IM chat bot!
  3. Meshly: This link site has an IM client! All you need to do is add their chat bot [email protected] to your friend-list and you are good to go. It works completely off IM clients and you can also add categories, tags and even a short description with the IM message you send.
  4. Aardvark: This startup is something of a mashup of Yahoo! Answers and Instant Messaging. Ask a question to the bot, and based on its algorithms it will compute its own tag (or you could give it a few) and it will ask the right people your question and you will get an answer shortly you may also receive questions based on the topics you like. This brilliant idea works very well and you almost always get a useful answer. Sign up for its bot!Aardvark
  5. Askme.IM: This site is dedicated to developer chat bots from India. From live cricket scores ([email protected]) to movie reviews ([email protected]) to even pending criminal cases against sitting Indian parliamentarians ([email protected]) this website has quite a few bots that work very well with Google Talk and are sometimes very useful on the go.

Editor’s Note: If you are looking to find dictionary meaning don’t forget to add our exclusive dictionary bot to your Google Talk friend list you can learn more about our exclusive Dictionary Lookup Bot for IM. If you are on Twitter, don’t forget to add @twitlookup to your friend list, it allows you to find dictionary meanings, get weather updates and more without leaving twitter, learn more about Twit Lookup.

Is Digsby an Adware ?

What is Digsby

If you are not yet aware, Digsby is a wonderful applications that lets you combine the powers of Social Networking, IM and emails into a single application. For all socially networked souls in this Web 2.0 era, Digsby is like a cool breeze. It allows you to manage multiple clients and services from a single application. A big time saver.

But, what is BAD about Digsby

But, while I was installing Digsby on a friend’s computer recently, I noticed that Digsby has changed their installer and the new installer is just full of bad applications, all trying to have a share of your mindspace.

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Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger Interoperability: Is Yahoo Adding Salt to the Microsoft Wounds?

In the press release that solemnized the deal between Google and Yahoo to display Google ads in Yahoo search results, there was also another announcement that Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk would have interoperability. In plain words it works out to you being able to message your friends from Google Talk through Yahoo Messenger and vice versa.

Both Yahoo and Google Talk are not new to having interoperability with different messenger clients.


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