Wacky Twitter Video of Will.I.Am’s Song is Awesome

Wacky Twitter Video of Will.I.Am’s Song is Awesome

If you knew about Whirled Creative you wouldn’t be sitting here, reading blogs. You’d be out there with the cool folks, mashing art with technology and putting the rad in non-traditional. They created the Google Instants music video, and now they have made a video about #newtwitter. How cool is this video? Well, the folks at Whirled Creative have taken Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.I.Am and Nicki Minaj’s pop-rap song Check It Out and given it the #newtwitter twist.

The song starts with the group logging inas Will.I.Am (@iamwill), and works around as he tweets and clicks around #newtwitter.

With the song lyrics appearing in hashtags, searches @replies and inside maps, the video itself is an absolute must for anyone who feels like watching the super-rad mashup of current gen songs and current gen web technology.

It will, however, be very confusing for the old twitter user. It will also irritate users who have been wishing for a taste of #newtwitter for a long long time now. Why? Because the moment Will.I.Am asks for a redesign, he instantly gets the preview bar at the top of his bar. Guess the celebs get their wishes fulfilled everywhere, eh?

Check out the video here (Mild NSFW warning for language):-

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